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SAMW welcome FSA review

Alan Craig, President of the Scottish Association of Meat Wholesalers, has welcomed the announcement by Rural Affairs Secretary Richard  Lochhead of a review into the Food Standards Agency in Scotland,  including its current responsibility for meat inspection.

“We have lobbied long and hard for such a review, arguing that FSA in general and meat inspection in particular, needs to be at the top of the Government’s agenda for action,” said Mr Craig, speaking at the Royal Highland Show. “We therefore applaud Richard Lochhead for the prompt and decisive manner in which he has responded to our concerns and those of the many industry bodies who have also been calling for change.

“This is an important review, the outcome of which will shape the future of meat inspection in Scotland for many years to come.  Any new system, of course, must maintain, and could even enhance, food safety, which is and always has been our priority consideration. Within this context, we obviously want to see decisions taken and changes made as soon as possible, for the good of the whole Scottish meat chain.  What we also need is a long-term meat inspection solution which is relevant to Scotland’s world class red meat processing sector and which will enable the Scottish meat chain to fulfil its potential at home and abroad.

“We look forward to working with the review team and will do everything within our power to help move the management of meat inspection into the modern world.”

For details of the Scottish Government announcement (click here)