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Associate Members

SAMW is grateful for the excellent support provided by the following associate members, particularly in relation to the staging of the Association’s annual conference.

Sealed Air
c: Alan Hunter
e: alan.hunter@Sealedair.com
t: 07971 492540

Working to shape a sustainable and prosperous Scottish red meat industry.

Dundas Chemical Co.
c: Norman Watt
e: cpf@mosspark.org.uk
t: 01387 252887

Processing animal by-products for a greener future

c: Stephen Sanderson
t: 07825 750301

SAOS was established in 1905 as a Society to further co-operation in Scottish agricultural. While co-ops remain key, this remit has expanded to explore and convert wider opportunities in supply chains, technology, innovation, data, quality assurance and climate change response.

New World Foods (Europe)
t: 01904 737862

The UK’s leading beef jerky and biltong supplier, offering a ‘one stop shop’ solution for the supply of meat snacks, including ‘Wild West’ which is the UK’s number one, and Europe’s longest established, jerky brand.

Levy & McRae
c: Callum Anderson
e: CAnderson@lemac.co.uk
t: 0141 307 2315
m: 07779 622 654

Levy & McRae is a specialist litigation law firm with significant experience in representing the interests of abattoirs and the meat industry in Scotland. Sector experience includes representation in criminal prosecutions/investigations and advice and representation in regulatory enforcement action including challenging enforcement and other notices. Levy & McRae provide a range of legal services from employment law, transport, insurance, civil disputes, debt recovery and property.

McLaren Packaging
c: Michael McLaren
e: Michael@mclarenpackaging.com
t: 01475 745246
m: 07487 881603

Award winning packaging company based in central Scotland specialising in the design and manufacture of premium, paper based packaging, for the UK food and drink industry.

Systems Integration
c: John Graham
e: john.graham@siltd.co.uk
t: 07850 331948

Our latest development, integreater®, is an enterprise manufacturing execution system (e-MES). The unique technology features productivity solutions for livestock, abattoir, boning, cut & trim, food service, catering butchery, manufacturing, added value, retail pack and distribution.

CRT Packaging
c: Colin Robinson
t: 0191 250 2506

Suppliers of solid fibreboard packaging to the meat and other food industries using innovative and cost effective solutions.