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About the Scottish Association of Meat Wholesalers


Association members account for almost 100% of the Scottish red meat processing industry, commanding a combined annual turnover in excess of £1 billion and employing over 3000 people. Member businesses play a major role in the Scottish economy.


SAMW’s key objective is to represent red meat industry views and the interests of its members to Government and food business leaders in Edinburgh and London, securing an effective voice for members on all major issues.

Regular meetings are held with Government Ministers and Officials both directly and in conjunction with other UK trade organisations, in particular the British Meat Processors Association and the Association of Independent Meat Suppliers. In addition, we work with NFU Scotland, Scottish Beef Association and NSA Scotland, and others, on specific Scottish issues for the benefit of our members.

SAMW is also regularly involved in meetings and negotiations in Brussels, again independently and as members of UECBV (European meat and livestock traders union).


SAMW is represented on a number of Government and industry groups, most importantly those involving the Scottish Government Rural Directorate, Food Standards Scotland and the Food Standards Agency.


SAMW is committed to maintaining the highest possible standards of public health, hygiene and welfare and to the production of top quality end products in which consumers can have complete trust.


SAMW issues regular press releases while also providing members with detailed information on all current issues and developments.