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SAMW comment on cattle EID development

SAMW president, Alan Craig, commented, as follows, on the European Commission’s move to introduce an electronic identification system (EID) for bovine animals on a voluntary basis.

“We welcome the general development but are mindful that while the UK’s current system is delivering the required results it involves significant administrative costs,” he said. “While moving to EID would appear to be the logical next step we need to learn from what others have achieved, particularly in the southern hemisphere, in delivering reliable EID results at an extremely competitive cost.

“In moving forward, however, consideration needs to be given to the UK transition period; potentially involving a significant overlap between our current system and EID and the costs attached to such a process.  Ultimately, of course, the long-term objective must be to achieve improved efficiency and a competitive cost base.”

For full details of the Commission’s EID statement click here