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SAMW give support to three charities

The Sandpiper Trust, Poppyscotland and Children 1st have shared gifts totalling £7000 from the Scottish Association of Meat Wholesalers (SAMW).

Funds raised during a charity auction at the Association’s 2013 conference and dinner were presented to representatives of the three organisations by SAMW president, Alan McNaughton.

“The generosity of association members and guests has allowed us to support many excellent charities over the years and we’re delighted this year to be able to express our appreciation of the valuable work being done by the Sandpiper Trust, Poppyscotland and Children 1st,” said Mr McNaughton.

(l-r) Kirsty Doran, Ian Anderson, Claire Maitland, Alan McNaughton and Kirstie R-Mitchell.

The Sandpiper Trust (£3000)

Claire Maitland, who co-founded of the Trust following the tragic death of her nephew Sandy, 13 years ago, said the gift would fund the purchase of three Sandpiper Bags, containing specialist emergency medical equipment which is provided to doctors, nurses and paramedics throughout rural Scotland.

“We thought when we started that if we could help save one life it would be worthwhile,” she said. “With more than 850 bags now in existence throughout Scotland, however, we regularly receive feedback from the medical profession about people whose lives might otherwise have been lost had they not received treatment by doctors, nurses or paramedics in possession of this life-saving medical equipment.”


Poppyscotland (£2000)

Whether someone has suffered a catastrophic battlefield injury, is haunted by horrific events they witnessed on the frontline, or is simply struggling to adjust to life outside the Armed Forces, Poppyscotland provides practical help.

Kirstie R-Mitchell, Community Fundraiser with Poppyscotland said “We are extremely grateful for this generous donation from SAMW. Poppyscotland works year round to ensure that veterans and their families receive the care and support that they urgently need. We rely on the generosity and support of organisations such as SAMW and this donation will make a significant contribution to our work.”


CHILDREN 1ST (£2000)

The provision of excellent services which promote the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable children and young people, helping them to thrive within their families, is at the heart of the CHILDREN 1ST.

“A general gift, such as the one provided by SAMW, allows us the freedom and flexibility to apply our funds where they are most needed,” said Kirsty Doran, the charity’s corporate fundraiser.  “We’re very grateful for this valuable support.”