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SAMW correct ‘Code of Practice’ press report

A recent news report in Farmers Guardian stating that SAMW was involved in working towards the creation of a ‘voluntary code of practice for the beef industry’ was promptly refuted by the Association’s Executive Manager, Ian Anderson.  The following statement, published by Farmers Guardian in its ‘Letters to the Editor’ section, clarifies the Association’s position:

“On behalf of the membership of the Scottish Association of Meat Wholesalers, I wish to correct the recent report that SAMW is working with NFU Scotland on a voluntary code of practice for the beef industry.

“While we are deeply committed to working with NFUS to create the best possible future for the industry, such initiatives must always be subject to the commercial demands of the marketplace. Our industry has always been based on producers supplying stock to whichever processors they wish. The term ‘code of practice’ does not therefore reflect our recent or current discussions as it suggests a more solid structure than either SAMW or NFUS could possibly deliver.

“In addition, SAMW represents individual businesses all of which have their own operating arrangements and requirements. The creation and imposition of a code of practice is therefore not a practical proposition.

“While we will continue to work closely with NFUS, there are no plans to develop a code of practice in Scotland.”