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New members boost SAMW representation

The addition of a new red meat member to SAMW has further enhanced the united representation of the Scottish processing industry, giving the sector a strong voice as the country embarks on its Brexit negotiations.

The Association has also added its first venison processor to its membership, a move which strengthens the industry’s hand in working with the UK and Scottish governments and other representative bodies.

The new red meat member is the Lockerbie-based Border Meats business while the venison member is Highland Game, whose headquarters are in Dundee.

“We’re delighted to welcome both of our new members, especially coming at a time when the strongest possible representation of the industry’s views will be needed as we seek to establish a progressive base for Scotland’s meat industry outside the EU structure which we have known for so many years,” said SAMW president, Allan Jess.

“In welcoming Border Meats, we now have almost 100% representation of the red meat processing industry in Scotland, with only a few small island plants not being SAMW members. This gives us the platform from which to speak with one voice on behalf of the industry which plays such an important part in the maintenance and development of the whole red meat chain in Scotland.

“The addition of Highland Game is an equally positive development for us. Despite the species difference involved, the core business and regulation issues we face are often the same, which again allows us to represent Scotland’s position from a strong and united base.”

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