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International trade experts see what sets Scotland’s red meat apart

Food & drink market trade specialists visited Scotland this week to experience what sets Scotland’s red meat apart.

As part of a trade tour to meet food & drink producers and processors organised by Scotland’s trade and inward investment agency, Scottish Development International (SDI), 25 global and domestic trade specialists heard first-hand from key industry contacts to understand what makes products from Scotland different.

Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) supported with visits to an Aberdeenshire beef farm and a processor near Edinburgh.


“Scotch Beef is considered some of the finest beef available anywhere on the planet, and it is hardly surprising that exports are growing annually,” said Roisin Turner, who runs AK Stoddarts’ export business. “On Monday 3rd October, six of SDIs global market specialists attended a special tour of AK Stoddarts in Broxburn. Covering a broad range of markets including Singapore, USA, Japan, France and Italy – the group learnt about the Stoddart’s practices and processes which make it ‘Best In Beef’. Stoddart’s are proud of our export credentials and look forward to working with the SDI team to continue to expand our export markets. Having these contacts in market is vitally important to open new markets. From offering advice on local customs to liaising with Government officials on Import laws – the in-market specialist teams provide an essential service, which without would make it extremely difficult to launch into new markets.”

QMS Director of Market Development, Tom Gibson, said: “There’s no better way to market our product than giving a first-hand experience of what is behind the Scotch Beef, Scotch Lamb and Specially Selected Pork brands. This was a really valuable opportunity to build relationships and demonstrate the ‘why’ to those who are helping sell our products across the world.”

Aberdeenshire beef farmer, David Barron, who is also vice-chair of the Scottish Beef Association, showcased animal welfare and sustainability on his farm, alongside a presentation from QMS Head of Industry Development, Bruce McConnachie.

At leading Scottish processors AK Stoddart in Broxburn, Sales Manager Brian Chapman and General Manager Brian Steven gave a tour to explain product sourcing and producer groups, processing systems, product selection for customers and an overview of different cuts, customer specifications and dry aging.

QMS’ Mr Gibson followed this with further detail on carcase balance, the Scotch and Specially Selected Pork proposition in international markets and the role of QMS in developing new markets, potential international target markets for Scotch and the importance of exports to the Scottish economy.

Ewen Cameron, Global Head of Trade, Consumer Industries, at SDI, said: “We spent two very inspiring days meeting with companies and partners across Scotland with our trade specialist colleagues, 12 of whom are based overseas. It is so important when you are selling Scotland to have the opportunity to visit and hear first-hand from farmers, fisherman and processors about everything involved in producing high-quality, premium Scottish food and drink.”