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Martin Morgan

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that Martin Morgan, Executive Manager of the Scottish Association of Meat Wholesalers (SAMW) has died after a prolonged battle against cancer.


Martin Morgan

Martin, who joined the Association in November 2017, will be greatly missed by SAMW’s Executive Committee, with whom he worked closely until a few weeks ago, and all the Association’s members. A former head of livestock policy for the Scottish Government, Martin started at the Scottish Office in 1977, beginning a career which included working on industry-changing meat hygiene legislation in 1992 and the BSE crisis from 1996 onwards. He was also a major part of the Scottish Office team involved in handling the UK’s foot and mouth outbreaks in 2001 & 2007.

“Martin worked tirelessly on behalf of the Association and the whole Scottish red meat sector during his five years as our Executive Manager,” said SAMW President, Ian Bentley. “He was always ready to address any issues which might impact our industry, attend countless Government and business meetings to represent the Scottish red meat sector, and serve the membership in whatever way he could. We will all miss him greatly.”

Ian Anderson, who Martin followed as Executive Manager, added: “Martin was a top rate colleague throughout our time together in the Scottish Office and an SAMW successor who I was delighted to have follow me in this role. In both incarnations, there was little Martin didn’t know about livestock farming and the food industry.

“He was also a great friend and staunch supporter, who brought so many admirable qualities to whatever he did, both as a person and in business.”

SAMW’s Executive team and members express their sadness and deep condolence to Martin’s wife Jacki and his family.