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Tribute: Dr Doug Ward CBE

By Alistair Donaldson

Doug arrived in Scotland in the mid ‘90s and very quickly became a stalwart of the Scottish meat industry. Although there was always some inevitable arm wrestling with meat plants over by-product pricing, he was a staunch supporter.

Born a Cockney, Doug’s early career was as a poultry delivery driver at Smithfield. His move to Scotland was as MD of the Hillsdown-owned Forrest rendering plant and he played a key role in the ’96 BSE catastrophe. With other partners, he bought out the company and went on to set up Argent Energy to produce biodiesel from Forrest tallow and other oils.

Doug made a huge contribution to the rendering industry during BSE and FMD including tackling TSE Reg issues. He also served as President of the UK, EU and World Renderers Associations, as well as EBB, and was awarded a CBE. For his involvement in biofuel developments at Napier he received an Honorary Doctorate and was chuffed to call himself Dr Ward. He went on to Chair Celtic Renewables, an offshoot company.

In retirement many friendships grew stronger not least through enjoying lunches at Butchers Hall featuring copious pre and post prandial ‘sherbets’. When Doug developed prostate cancer, which he fought so courageously, a lunch group was formed in Edinburgh, and it grew to 12 members. It meets every 2-3 months and is very sociable with much reminiscing – Doug much enjoyed them and they will continue.

It is clear from comments following his death that Doug was held in high regard and was a valued friend to many in the industry and beyond – including in the rugby world. Truly a man o’ pairts he made an enormous contribution and will be missed.

Our thoughts are with Jackie at this time.